Bruit d'Avril, À Propos

Designed as a welcoming recording and production studio, Bruit d’Avril as been created by and for Antonin Chardonnereau & Fred Lefranc then made with the help of Gérard Pibiri (St Germain Studios, Motorbass,…) in 2019.

Zero desire to be a 24/7 commercial studio here.
Whether you need a single day to record drums or spend two full lengh months to produce your album from A to Z, the studio is for bands and artists whose artistic approach sweats sincerity.

Located 5 minutes from M ° 9 Robespierre and M ° 3 Gallieni in Bagnolet on foot, 15 minutes from the center of Paris, Bruit d’Avril studio will be delighted to be part of your history.

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Studio Bruit d'Avril, 3D

Bruit d’Avril is daylight, oak floors and a fireplace.
It has been designed in three ACed parts, full Mogami wired.

The Room

Bruit d'Avril, La Room

10m2 “Box in the box”, largely basstrapped, diffused, curtained, etc …
In short, the result is a superb small room where you can record absolutely anything you want.

The Lounge

Bruit d'Avril, Le Salon

The 20m2 Lounge room allows you to have a drink by the fireplace, a warm blanket on your knees while Pepette purrs next to it.
Of course you can also just chill out on Instagram or play and record the piano, but you’ll hear the crackle of the fire …

The Control Room

Bruit d'Avril, La Régie

The Control Room is 10m2, with direct visual contact on the Room and the Lounge, it’s also roughly 150 meters of cables hidden between the patches and the gear, and it’s above all the heart of the studio.

The Wine Cellar

Bruit d'Avril, La Cave A Vin

This is the fourth of the Bruit d’Avril three parts.
Half cubic, half cylindrical, 6m2 of exposed stones with small bottle niches filled with… bottles. You can record there or use it as a natural reverb.

So ? When do we start ?


Bruit d'Avril, Équipement

You’ll find the studio equipment list here, for more information, please contact us.


AKG C414 TL-II x2
AKG C414 XLS x2
AKG C535 x2
AKG D112
APEX 435
Audio Technica AT2020 x2
Audix D6 x2
Beyer Dynamics M160
Coles 4038 x2
HeilSound PR30
Neumann KMR 81
Neumann TLM 193
Neumann U47 fet
Oktava ML52 x2
Philips EL6014
Royer R121
Royer SF1
Sennheiser BF 509 x2
Sennheiser e604 x4
Sennheiser e825s
Sennheiser MD 421 x2
Shure Beta 52
Shure Beta 57
Shure Beta 58
Shure SM48
Shure SM57 x3
Shure SM58 x2
Shure SM7 x3
Studio Project C4 x2
Xaudia XM10 x2
NS10 Subkick

◦ DI
Radial X-Amp DI
Little labs Redeye
Tech 21 Bass DI
MXR M80 Bass DI Plus

Mic Pres

API 512c x2
Chandler Ltd TG x2
Focusrite Red1 4Pre
Harrison 32C ChannelStrip x2
Midas XL48 8Pre
Siemens V272 x4


API 560 x2
API 550A x2
Great River 32EQ x2
Harrison 32C ChannelStrip x2
Neumann w491A x2
Siemens W295b x4
SSL SL502 x6


Alan Smart C1
API 525 x2
CBS Audimax III 444
Empirical Labs Distressor x2
SPL Transient Designer
SSL 4000G Bus Comp DIY
SSL SL520 x2
UA 1176LN x2
Valley People Dyna-mite x2


Antelope Orion 32+ mkII
UA Apollo 16 mkII


Antelope Satori + Remote R4S
ATC SCM 0.1/12 Pro Sub
Dynaudio BM6A
Yamaha NS10 M Studio sur ampli Bryston 3B


CXM 1978 Reverb
Emthree Echofinder Tape delay
Knas Moisturizer Spring Reverb
Magneto Revox B77 MK2
Palmer Speaker Simulator PDI-03
OTO Bim&Bam&Boum
OTO Biscuit
Roland SDE-2000
Roland Space Echo RE-201
Sommateur Neumann v475


Kit Ludwig Black Panther (22"/12"/13"/16")
Kit Rogers R380 (22"/12"/13"/16")
Kit Meazzi '66 Golden Sound (20"/13"/16")
Kit Yamaha '88 Recording (22"/12"/13"/16")
Caisse claire Ludwig '71 Supraphonic
Caisse claire Meazzi '66 Golden Sound 14"
Caisse claire Yamaha WoodShell 12"
Roland CR8000
Roland TR707

Fender Squier Jaguar Bass (Short Scale)
Fender Mustang Bass (Short Scale)
Fender Jazz Bass
Fender JazzMaster
Fender Telecaster
Gibson '64 LG-1
Gibson SG Standard
Gretsch Lapsteel
Silvertone '62 N4

Ampeg B-15NF '66
Ampeg B-100R
Fender HotRod Deluxe
Marshall JCM800

Korg Volca Sample
Korg Volca Keys
Moog Prodigy
Piano Droit Rameau
Roland Juno 106
Roland SH101
Yamaha DX7

Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-5
Boss Digital Delay DD-3
Boss Equalizer GE-7
Boss Octave OC-2
DBA Echomaster
Digitech Whammy V x2
DIY Fuzz Factory
DIY Harmonic Percolator
DIY Proco Rat
DIY Whooly Mamooth
Electro Harmonix Big Muff
Electro Harmonix Memory Toy
Electro Harmonix Micro Pog
Electro Harmonix Pulsar
Electro Harmonix Small Stone
Eventide H90
Fairfield Circuitry Unpleasant Surprise
Hughes&Kettner Tube Factor
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
Ibanez UE-305 Comp Dly Chorus
Mooer Shimverb
Moogerfooger Ring Modulator
MXR 70's Distortion+
MXR 70's Micro Amp
MXR 70's Stereo Chorus
MXR Bass DI+
MXR Micro Amp
MXR Super Comp


Bruit d'Avril, Tarifs

No price list nor hourly rate here.
Each project has a different story, with its own economy and its own constraints. We’re very sensible about this and will do our very best to give every situation its solution.

For all requests for prices / quotes / questions,
please contact us.